Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 19th April 2020


It was nice catching up with Ha and Lily last night. It’s pretty much expected that I’ll be nude for dinner with them now, so of course I didn’t want to disappoint. I’ve missed the little stolen admiring glances I get from both of them so we’ll have to do it more often.

Although, almost inevitably, the questioning about Mark and Ana started, so I explained a lot, although omitting a lot of the juicy threesome details. It was funny that Lily said she couldn’t really get around the idea of Ana being comfortable with me seeing Mark, or me seeing Mark if there was only so far it could go, but Ha said she sort of could, because there was no rule that says everybody’s relationships need to be the same. It was a remarkably interesting conversation, and I couldn’t help but point out that to Lily that they’d invited a nude woman into their home and some people might find this a bit strange too, given that they’re both into girls. It actually made Lily blush, which is hard!

They said I could say the night, since I’d be staying with them soon anyway, but I had literally nothing with me (apart from shoes, coat, money and phone) so I came home.

Then today was really really “normal” as I had, albeit not my kind of normal, as I went to visit my mum for dinner and came back far too full. I definitely don’t want to get my pot belly back for the end of May if I’m going to be stripping in the pub again

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