Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 18th April 2020


I missed the run this morning but I had a good excuse: I was in bed with Mark :-).

I met him at a bar far enough from work that I shouldn’t bump into anyone, and he said I looked really nice, although despite the short skirt he said he wasn’t used to me wearing so much. I said depending on how the evening went I might end up wearing a lot less, and he said “I hope so” and that pretty much sealed it. In my mind everything from then on was foreplay.

Because I’m still not sure about how things work I asked him about Ana, and he said she had come back but was away again and she actually suggested we meet up to keep him out of trouble. This makes no sense, because what more trouble can he make than planning to have sex with another woman? But who am I to ask.

He took me to a nice restaurant and we sat opposite each other and between main course and dessert he had one hand under the table and squeezed my thigh through my stocking. I asked him if that was as high as he could reach and he said the table was far too big, which might be for the best as we didn’t want to make a scene. I told him it wouldn’t be the first orgasm I’d had at a restaurant table (remembering lunch with Mel) and he raised an eyebrow, and then said he was realising that nothing much about me should be a surprise any more.

When we left I asked him where we should go next, because I thought he might want to go to a bar, but he said he’d really like to see my place. That was fine by me and he called a cab and we were home in twenty-five minutes. We were all over each other in the back of the car and his hand was very much between my legs now, and if he’d been wondering if I wore any underwear that night he didn’t need to wonder any longer.

We were barely into my hallway before he was on his knees and going down on me, and it was honestly one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had, just pushed up against the wall, dress still on but Mark’s hands under it, and feeling like I was helpless in the grip of this animal. Just as I was about to climax he put his hands under my thighs and had me lifted clean off the ground with his tongue between my legs. I can’t describe how intense it was.

When he put me down I managed to keep my balance, so I peeled of my dress, took him by the hand and lead him to the living area, and then it was my turn. I teased, I slid my naked body over him, I toyed with his cock and then put it back in his trousers, and I brought this mountain of a man to the point where he pleaded with a whimper to let him cum. At then I kissed him on the lips and took his hand and put it between my legs and made sure he brought me to orgasm once more.

And after I came again I turned my attention back to his body, pulling buttons open, tearing his trousers and underwear from him, and, holding my eyes on his, running my tongue up and down his cock until his eyes closed and his head fell back.

I took him into my mouth and slid all the way down and up, and then let the tip pop free. It was almost as much of a cry as a whimper as my lips left his body. I toyed with his testicles, watching his hard-on pulsing in front of me, before taking it into my mouth again. His hands gripped my shoulders and I savoured his strength once more, but this time I didn’t relent as I ran my tongue around his shaft and closed my lips tightly as I moved my head slowly back and forth.

He was so hard it was incredible, and his muscles tensed so much in the moment before ejaculation that I was worried I’d be crushed between his legs. And the force I felt as he came into my mouth made me feel powerful myself, because it was all down to me.

I wasn’t sure he was ever going to stop and I wondered just how long it had been since he’d last had sex too, but soon enough the whimpering noise that before had meant “don’t stop” now said “no more” and I slipped his cock from my mouth and climbed back up his body to lay on top of him.

He fell asleep on the floor soon after, and ten minutes later I pulled him to his feet and took us both to bed.

Sex the next morning was fun and nice and friendly but nowhere as intense. But I’d take it any time.

Mark left soon after breakfast and I saw Alison in the window as I waved him (still naked) down the pathway. I waved to her too, and she waved back and smiled.

And since I’d missed the park run today, I went out by myself before lunch. Mel commented on it on the fitness tracker website so at least she knows I’m not shirking. And tonight I’m going to Ha and Lily’s! This feels like a proper weekend.

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