Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 13th April 2020


I think I’m getting a hang of this nudity thing. I was standing outside Mel’s with my coat over my arm and my bag over my shoulder and all my clothes from work in it and Mel’s neighbour came out of the lift. But I’ve gotten so used to it that I didn’t even think about it until he stared at me, and then I felt embarrassed and smiled and said “evening”, and he said “evening” and fumbled at his keys and managed to steal one last look at me before he went into his apartment.

Mel answered the door a minute later and I could casually say “I’ve just bumped into your neighbour” without making it sound like a big deal.

Anyway, tonight was coaching night, and for coaching I don’t need my hands, which meant my hands and neck were put into the yoke, and my ankles were put into the other yoke, and I was more-or-less helpless sat on a chair opposite Mel with my legs spread and my hands above my head.

It’s been two weeks since my last orgasm and it would have been obvious just how much I was gagging for it, and Mel just started asking me about work and whether things were moving and what goals I’d set myself and how they were progressing. It was really hard to answer because it was a while back, but I told her about the feedback I’d had from Jo, and about managing Rachel and Tim, and Mel asked me if that was what I wanted to do. And the problem is that I don’t know. So she said that’s what I have to work out, which I guess I know already.

I couldn’t help but wonder why I had to wear the yokes, because Mel obviously wasn’t going to touch me, so what did she get out of me sitting there exposed like that? And then I just blurted the question out, and Mel said it wasn’t about her, because she couldn’t care if I was wearing a ball gown or a bin bag or nothing at all, and that didn’t make me feel great. Then she made me stand up and before I could protest (as if I would anyway) she took a couple of photos of me and said that she could tell my abstention from any kind of sex was getting at me so all I had to do was upload these three photos as well as the old ones. And she said that every week I didn’t she would add another photo so soon there’d be a whole catalogue. The alternative was yet more celibacy, unless I found someone else to satisfy me.

And then she started asking about who I’d seen before, because it was obvious I hadn’t seen them again recently, and it’s hard to hold back when you’re naked in the middle of the room with metal bars holding your arms and legs apart.

So I told her about Mark and Ana and about going back to theirs, and that made me even more turned on. Mel just listened and asked how I felt about them, and I said I liked them both, and that if Mark was single I’d see more of him. And she asked why I had to wait until then, if it seemed like Ana didn’t mind or care. In fact, she said, she seemed to be encouraging it.

And then soon after the session was over, which was good as the blood was running out of my hands, and Mel unchained me and I put on my coat and came home. She sent me the extra pictures too. But I’m not going to give in because I’m really not happy with the idea of lots of people seeing them.

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