Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 10th April 2020


My Friday nights are kind of nothingy. I went for a drink with Helen and Ha, and Ha said we hadn’t done anything for ages, which is true, and then I told her about the builder and I might have to take her up on the offer to stay with them if it was still available. She said it was, but with strings attached! It made Helen raise an eyebrow, and I just said I wasn’t going to do their housework for them, and Ha just said “we’ll see”.

I was at a loose end when I got home and thought I’ve probably left ENFBoyfriend long enough without replying, since it’s been nearly two weeks. That’s plenty to get the message across that I’m not trying to get into anything with him. So I just wrote a general message about how nice it must be to have a friend who understands (even if he is an ex. That would still be weird), and then I couldn’t help asking what Linda was up to now, because I can’t imagine that if she has another boyfriend then he’d be okay with her hanging around nude with an ex. That level of trust would be way off the chart.

Now I’ve got to work out what to do for dinner tomorrow with Russ and Alison. And also: what are the chances of Russ being nude in my flat? Do I even want that?

And disappointingly Mark said he can’t make anything on Sunday, but maybe next week.

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