Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 9th April 2020


Randomly today I had lunch with Mark. He said he was in the area and I felt very sneaky meeting him without telling anyone, and then I wondered if Ana knew. He told me she was out of the country at the moment and I wondered if I was doing something I shouldn’t, but then he messaged her to say we were having lunch and Ana just replied and said “Tell her to look after you”. I don’t know what that means!

He asked if I had plans for Saturday, which unfortunately I do! And I’m not sure about doing anything just with him. I don’t want to end up having an affair, or worse than that falling for a man I can’t have. But spending time with him was nice. After lunch I texted to say that it was a shame Saturday was out but I could do something Sunday if he wanted. I’m actually really tempted to cancel with Alison and Russ, and the thought of having a seedy affair with Mark has got me all kinds of turned on now.

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