Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 6th April 2020


After a long day of accounting in the office, I headed to Mel’s… for accounting. Except this time it was accounting with my legs tied at the ankles and knees and my wrists bound together again. It really makes it hard to work efficiently, and then I start feeling turned on by it, and then it makes it even harder to concentrate. So as a consequence I didn’t finish everything and barely even caught up on the past few weeks.

Then when an hour or so had passed Mel came and chatted to me, talking about the previous Sunday and saying how proud she was of what I’d done. It made me feel so good inside! Maybe whatever she’s doing with me is working after all. But she reminded me to check against my personal objectives so I could report back next week, and I realised I need to stay on top of things to keep in her good books.

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