Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 5th April 2020


I did the chores today, all blissfully nude. I even went and put the washing out nude and tried not to look around to check if anyone saw me. I doubt if they did, but it felt nice to be outside with a bit of sun on my skin. I guess that’s my next challenge: getting nude outdoors more often. I’ll have to look up the date of the naked bike ride. Last year the holiday at the cottage with Kieran, Ha and Lily was a lot of fun and I had that canal walk and I can’t see anything similar happening this year.

At some point this afternoon, while I was ironing naked in the front room, I looked across the street and saw Russ doing exactly the same thing. It would have been weird to wave, and it was a bit weird that we just pretended to ignore each other. I couldn’t really tell from here but I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a hard-on when he started but he did by the end, so maybe I still have some effect on men, even if they won’t come and talk to me when I sit naked in a pub!

I did remember to get in contact with a builder, though. And now I’m wondering if I should take Ha up on the offer to stay at hers too.

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