The Strangest of Times


It’s impossible not to have some comment on the strange times we seem to be living through: social distancing, health systems scrambling for ventilators, shoppers scrambling for toilet rolls, and no real idea of when, how or even if it’s going to end.

Firstly, I hope everyone is both staying safe and, no matter what your political beliefs, following the rules. Nobody wants to be “that guy” in the epidemic disaster film who goes on and infects half the world, and although nobody thinks they are none of us can really know.

And secondly, and much less important, a couple of weeks ago I was wondering how on earth to deal with this in the Exhibitionist Diary. It’s told in current time and at first I wondered if it even made sense to ignore what was going on in the world. But then I came to the conclusion that we all need some escapism, so added to the dream world where you can walk around nude with minimal repercussions, STIs don’t exist and nobody has to go to the toilet and women don’t seem to have periods, my world has also avoided the pandemic situation entirely. And let’s face it: an exhibitionist who has to stay indoors does not a good story make.

Which means I have to get back to writing it and try and try to inject some fun into the world when I’m struggling to feel anything but mild anxiety.

All the best!


3 thoughts on “The Strangest of Times

  1. johnisgrandude

    Not sure whether you will read this but I just wanted to say your posts are a welcome distraction from the chaos that is happening right now. everyday I unwind with your fun, sexy and wonderfully written musings, I love them. So keep doing what you are doing because without a daily dose of Kara well the day would be pretty dull. xx

  2. John

    Yes, thank you for ignoring “what is going on”. I need to escape, so I am grateful for the fun that this story injects when I check in on Kate’s adventures every day.

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