Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 28th March 2020


After the run this morning Mel insisted on coming over this afternoon and watching me rehearse some more. She came over just after lunch and I got into my costume and put a chair in the front room and pulled the curtains, and Mel opened the curtains again and said if I was hiding today then I wasn’t going to be prepared for tomorrow.

I really hope Russ and Alison were out! Nobody else would be able to see in. But anyway, Mel was mostly quiet and only gave me small tips, and said I was ready again, and that I shouldn’t drink much tonight, and I definitely shouldn’t get involved in any threesomes, and that we would meet at the pub at six o’clock tomorrow.

I’m so nervous now.

Then this evening I replied to ENFBoyfriend on the photo site. I said thanks for being kind, but I wanted to stay anonymous so I wouldn’t say much, and I said my boyfriend was very understanding of my way of life (which might be true if I had one), which is the most obvious way of saying “keep your distance” imaginable.

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