Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 22nd March 2020


Eek! Only one week until cabaret night at the pub! So I panic-rehearsed today. And I’m also getting more doubtful about the whole idea, because I’ve realised that it’s so close to home that there’s a good chance of people recognising me out on the streets! I mean, being naked is daunting enough, but being nearly naked and recognised really terrifies me.

And then this evening I had a message in an inbox on the website with my pictures. It was from someone called “ENFBoyfriend” (which doesn’t sound too creepy, I don’t think) and he (I presume) was very nice about the pictures, and said I was very brave, and asked if I was going to upload any more! I’m still on the fence about that last part.

I haven’t replied yet because I really don’t want to look too keen.

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