Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 21st March 2020


I made it to the run this morning, and set a new best time! It helped that the ground isn’t quite as waterlogged as it has been. Mel said it showed progress, but now I had to take another minute off that… She, of course, is a good few minutes faster.

She asked me if I was meeting my threesome friends this weekend. I wish I was, but unfortunately nothing fun is planned at all. In fact, today was the opposite of fun, as I had to stay in this afternoon to meet a builder to look at the leaking roof. And he didn’t turn up until after five o’clock, because he said he’d come from another job. And to top it all off, he says the ceiling is close to going completely, because the leak has been there for ages, and they’ll need to replace part of the roof, and the ceiling, and that’ll mean scaffolding out the back and an unusable kitchen for a week! Plus it’ll cost a few thousand pounds.

Not a good day all-in-all.

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