Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 20th March 2020


No plans at all this evening! So I came home. But I’m getting a bit addicted to seeing how many people are looking at my photos online, and what they’re saying.

And then in a bit of a rush of enthusiasm I replied to one, and owned up to them… Not under my real name, of course. But I said they were me, but I wouldn’t say where I lived or where they were taken, and I thanked someone for saying nice things. It was kind of exhilarating, and now I’m thinking again about uploading those other photos. I mean, they’re really embarrassing, if they got out, but the ones already on there are too. I sort of feel like I’ve held out long enough and now I can show Mel I’m in charge by doing it at a time of my own choosing.

I’ll sleep on it.

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