Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 16th March 2020


I had lunch today, and I told her all about Mark and Ana and going back to their place. I didn’t tell her about being naked at the party. I think she sees me in a new light now!

Then this evening it was back to Mel’s , dressed up like some kind of tart from a Western, stripping off to a YouTube clip of “Be Thankful” and having Mel tell me not like that, like that, tuck my bum in, straighten my leg, don’t land my feet so heavily etc etc. This is turning out to be less and less sexy every week.

Then she quizzed me about where I was on Saturday morning. I want to have a secret from her so I said I was out late and it would have been a terrible run. She had to agree, but I’ve promised to make it up by going out early tomorrow morning. At least it’s light enough in the mornings now.

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