Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 15th March 2020


Today was a bit of a comedown after recovering yesterday, as I had a load of household chores to do – like doing some washing. And I had to phone up a builder as there’s been some water leaking into the kitchen. I’m not lucky enough to own the flat, but it’s my grandparents and they’re letting me stay here for a small rent, but I have to get things fixed myself. And pay for them.

I did look across the road and saw Russ doing the hoovering in the nude, though. I’m not sure where Alison is. Somehow it seems even more dominant to make someone spend the afternoon doing naked chores and not even be there for them to feel like they’re being appreciated! At least I had Mel watching me doing her ironing, or otherwise it would have been as boring as anything.

Okay: I’m weird.

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