Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 14th March 2020


I’m going to be in trouble with Mel for missing my run this morning, but…

I’ve never been to an embassy before, and it wasn’t quite what I expected, because it looked just like a big house or a hotel from the outside, and even more like a hotel from the inside.

My name was on a list, which already made me feel important, but I have to admit I expected something a lot grander once I got past the door and security. But instead it was just a couple of large rooms with a drinks table at one end, and a waiter, and groups of people talking, and a pop-up sign that had something about business written on it.

Mark and Ana came and met me, and I got a little peck on the cheek from Ana, and a hug from Mark, and Ana said I looked really nice. Ana looked amazing in a long satin dress, and Mark was in a dark suit and looked like the most sophisticated man I could ever possibly know.

Ana found me a drink and introduced me to a couple of people and I just listened in on conversations whilst nibbling on canapes (which were never going to be enough food!), and then there was a speech, and then another speech, and then another speech.

It didn’t last long, and then Mark said they had plans to take me to dinner. And we went to the nicest restaurant and I actually felt like we talked, and it was so normal I wondered if the threesome had ever happened.

I was, of course, a little bit tipsy, and a little bit light-headed from the experience, but it was only a little after nine when we finished eating and Mark said they had a driver to come and pick us up. And as soon as he said “us” my heart started racing, because it sounded like I was going to go home with them again! And then Mark said “unless you’ve other plans for the rest of the evening” which I answered in such a hurried “no” that they both laughed.

So the driver came and picked us up, and I offered to pay but Ana said tonight was an embassy expense, and who was I to argue, and it was a big limo and we all climbed in the back. And then my body started to tingle, because I was sat between the two of them, and then it really started to tingle, because Ana put her hand on my thigh and was stroking it a little. Just enough that I could have moved away and it would have been nothing, but plenty enough that I couldn’t ignore it.

But what I couldn’t ignore was feeling Mark’s hand on my side as he unzipped my dress! It tried my best not to act surprised and Ana was talking to me at the time, but my heart was racing by then, and they each hooked their fingers into the shoulder straps and pulled them down, and before I knew it I was naked to the waist.

It was distracting enough as it was, but then I caught the driver’s eye in the mirror and I almost freaked out, but Ana and Mark didn’t even look up, and somehow Mark, with his effortless strength, not only pulled the  dress past my waist and hips but had sort of half-lifted me in the seat so it slid under my buttocks. Then Ana finished by pushing it down my legs, and it was too late to do anything except to kick it off of my feet, and suddenly I was naked, except for heels, in the back of a big saloon car with Mark and Ana either side of me.

I turned to look at Mark and suddenly we were kissing and his hand was on my thigh, and then I felt Ana’s hand on my breast and nothing else seemed to matter. Then he broke the kiss and laughed, and I laughed, because I was nervous, and Ana said that although it was a lovely dress, I looked better without it.

Then there was the crunching of tires on gravel and we were there. Mark climbed out of the car, walked around to the other side and opened the door for Ana, and then held a hand for me. The driver stayed inside, thankfully, and it wasn’t until I was out of the car and the cold night air was on my skin that I realised that this wasn’t Mark and Ana’s place.

I was in a daze, and asked where we were, and Ana said “somewhere fun”, and I was towed up the steps and a doorbell rang. I turned and watched the car disappearing, realising far too late that my dress was still in it.

The door was opened by a tall woman in an evening dress, who was probably in her fifties, who exchanged air kisses with Mark and Ana (her name was Veronika, and I think she was probably Belarusian, or from some neighbouring country). Then I shook hands with her, which seemed odd given that I was naked and shivering a little, and I was introduced as Kate, so there went any hope of anonymity, and we followed her inside.

I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting another twenty people in dresses and suits! I think I turned to Ana in mild panic and asked what she thought she was doing bringing me here, and she said something like “Relax. Half of the women, and a quarter of the men, are escorts. Kate will just think you’re the same.” Never mind that I was the only one naked.

I wasn’t sure what my role as “escort” was meant to be, but all I could do was stick to my two escortees as we talked to small group after small group. Sometimes Ana would take my hand and give it a squeeze, and sometimes Mark would put an arm around my back, and it made me jump and my skin tingle every time. But to say that I bore a lot of stares would be an understatement. It vaguely crossed my mind that I’d been brought to some kind of wife-swapping sex party, but it seemed to be nothing of the sort. It could have been any party at all, populated by seemingly rich eastern European and Western businessmen and women and minor politicians, and it wouldn’t have been weird if there wasn’t a naked woman in the middle of all of it!

And once my fear of “what next” had worn off, I realised that this was exactly where I would love to be on a Friday night, and this is exactly how I’d like to be: naked, and admired from a distance. I didn’t care whether they were young or old, male or female, because every stare raised my pulse just a little.

I don’t know how long we were there for, and I’d even been separated from Ana for a while when she came over and told Mark and I that she wanted to get going. I was in their command so I just followed, and Veronika showed us to the door, and we said goodbyes to a few people (and I’ve no idea of any of their names), and the car was already waiting in the driveway.

When we were inside Ana seemed full of energy, raving about how much fun it was to have me there, and how she wanted to take me naked to every party now, and I said “not so fast”, and she said, “But even if I try to convince you?” and her hands were on me again, and so were Mark’s, and then so were their lips… and I came in under a minute, panting and writhing in the back seat.

I almost wondered if they’d drop me home, but we ended up at their house again. The door was barely closed before Mark and Ana were either side of me and everyone’s hands were on everyone else’s body. And this time Ana started to undress Mark first, and I helped, and it was so much fun, and he’s got such a great body, and then I wondered if I’d committed a faux pas when I just instinctively put his cock in my mouth… but he definitely liked it, and Ana said nothing, but I made sure he didn’t cum.

The problem was that Ana’s dress was impossible to get out of, which then caused much more amusement, and it seemed like it could kill the mood but it actually gave us all a chance to recover. And then, well, things continued and we all came at about the same time again… it was so good.

Ana found a coat for me, because I still hadn’t found my dress, but it was still in the back of the car and the same driver took me home at about 3am. Then I couldn’t sleep for an hour, and now I keep giggling about last night.

I have two messages from Mel and I’m ignoring them.

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