Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 8th March 2020


Sorry to disappoint, but hanging out with Ellie and Stephen did not turn into a threesome. But it was still a lot of fun.

Stephen’s still quite quiet, and it’s funny that Ellie is being more and more obvious about wanting something more physical with him, and last night when we got to a restaurant it turned out she had this semi-transparent dress underneath with dark underwear. You couldn’t see a lot unless you squinted, or maybe in bright lights, but it definitely got Stephen’s attention. And mine.

But we were chatting and laughing, and then while working out what to have for dessert I couldn’t help but tease Stephen by saying something about Ellie looking good enough to eat, and it made him blush, and Ellie blushed a bit. I said it was almost like Ellie was just sitting there in her underwear

And then I said: “You know what would be even more adventurous.” And Ellie looked at me and said “Don’t you dare even think it,” and I left her hanging, because I’m sure she thought I was going to suggest she take the thing off, but instead I said: “It would be so much more daring…” and I emphasised that word, reminder her that this was part of our deal, and she stopped me and said “Don’t!” and tried to put a hand over my mouth, but I held her off and continued “If you didn’t feel the need to wear anything at all underneath.”

She said she couldn’t believe I would suggest that, and I said I could dare a lot worse and maybe I would if we sat here long enough.

She got up and went to the bathroom, and her eyes were staring like she was in a daze when she came back and, sure enough, you could see two pretty little nipples beneath the shear fabric and, I’m sure if you looked and if she hadn’t sat down so quickly, a whole lot more than that.

Stephen didn’t know where to look, or rather he knew where he wanted to look, but kept trying not to. And I could tell Ellie was enjoying that, and she went into a much more flirty mode than I’ve ever seen before, and poor Stephen was like putty in her hands.

We had dessert and then I thought I’d best leave them to it, and I could tell from the way Stephen tried to stand up that there was something stirring in his trousers, so perhaps tonight would be the night! If Ellie had any say it would be.

I feel a bit jealous, now, because they get on well and Stephen’s nice, even if not that exciting, and my life seems to be going in some weird direction that I can’t even put into words.

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