Work Uniform


“I’ve got enough footage from out there,” he said, “So I guess we can get started.” I nodded. I saw him glance at my cleavage; I realised, in all the time we’d worked together, that this was probably the first time he’d seen me in anything other than a blouse. Strangely, I felt flattered that, even with Cassandra’s and Sue’s breasts only a few feet away, I could still provide a small distraction, even covered as I was.

“Let’s do the intro first,” I said, and Jim propped his camera up onto his shoulder. The red light came on to show he was recording. I grabbed the microphone he held out for me and stood still with the café counter behind me with the girls working away.

“Here we are inside ‘Naked Women in Shorts’ to see how the business runs. As you can see, Cassandra and Sue are busy behind me, and I’m in my uniform ready to lend a hand.”

At this point, Jim should be filming me from the chest upwards. Hopefully, with my shoulders bare, the viewers will be assuming that I’ve stripped off as well. I paused for a second.

Jim gave a thumbs up: it was the sign that he’d pulled back to get my bikini top in the frame.

“Well, you didn’t think I’d be willing to bare all on my salary, did you?” I said as I shrugged. Jim smiled and the red light went off as he stopped recording.

Read the rest of the story, and 11 other ENF stories, in Naked Women in Shorts

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