Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 6th March 2020


This week has gone so fast, but today went so slowly. I think it’s because I’ve got so much to look forward to now, with Ellie and Stephen tomorrow, and then Mark and Ana next week… It just makes the waiting even worse.

I got more details of the event from Ana. Apparently it’s just a business investment awards thing, so not exactly the most exciting thing ever, but she says it’ll finish early so we can do something together. I genuinely don’t think I can wait!

Plus my new accessories turned up today: the c-string and the nipple pasties. I tried on the c-string this evening and it fits better than I would have expected but it feels exactly the same as wearing nothing at all, or maybe even worse because it’s so precarious – like I’m more worried that it’ll slip and expose something than I’d actually be if I was just naked. It also rubs against me a bit when I’m this horny and even wearing it turns me on.

The nipple pasties are re-usable and with that and the c-string on I look like I’m absolutely naked at first glance. They’re small and only have a bit of colour so could even pass for nipples from a distance. I’m starting to get more of a buzz about being in the middle of a crowded pub in nothing but this get-up now.

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