Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 2nd March 2020


I took a liberty turning up at Mel’s tonight as I wore my outfit routine under my coat rather than being naked for a change. It felt so sexy and so sleazy at the same time: stockings, suspenders, heels, corset, and a feather boa in my pocket which I put on at Mel’s door. She didn’t complain so I guess it was the right thing to do.

She’d cleared a space and put one wooden chair at one end of the room and another chair at the other end, and her laptop had the music cued. She didn’t waste any time getting me to start.

For some reason I felt more self-conscious prancing around in front of full-length windows (even this high up) than I did when I was naked, and even in a yoke. I think it was because the movement was bound to attract more attention. Plus I felt incredibly clumsy as I tried to get through the routine.

I was also quite nervous at doing it in front of someone, so I missed all the timings. And then when I’d finished Mel told me quite frankly that it was a disaster, and apart from getting all the moves wrong, there was no way I could get away with miming taking off bra and knickers (as I had a soft bra beneath the corset). I said I couldn’t get naked in the pub, because I’m sure it was illegal for a start, so she showed me two more things I needed to buy: nipple pasties and something that looked incredibly uncomfortable called a c-string. I didn’t know such a thing existed, and I can’t believe it’ll actually stay in. Or maybe it’ll get wedged up my bum crack and I won’t be able to get it out…

And I would love to think I could look like this:

That’s what it looks like, and you basically shove it between your legs and the wide bit covers the front and the thin bit wedges in the back. But now I’m tingling as I think about it, because it must be as close to naked as it’s possible to get. Although since I got home I started looking at whether they even worked and found someone wearing them at the beach!

Then Mel made me do the routine again, getting dressed up from the start (which takes almost as long as the routine), but this time without the bra, and I had to strip down to nothing. And I relaxed a bit more and it made me so horny and it felt loads better.

I think I did it about six times, and it didn’t even get boring. Mel stopped me a few times and made me do individual bits, and then she showed me how to do it (albeit in her leggings and top), and I felt like maybe she’d be better at it. Then, of course, it turned out she’d been a dancer when she was younger… Of course she had.

I was exhausted after the hour, though, and Mel didn’t help by telling me I had a lot of work to do as I looked like I was a giant lumbering beast. But I was tired! And she’s too harsh. But she’s right I need to practice more.

And she also said there was no time for me to tell her who I’d met, because she could tell I’d had sex by the dip in my energy! And that threesome was over a week ago! But she didn’t need to worry about my sex drive dipping because now I’m home and recovered I really wish she hadn’t reminded me about the no touching rule.

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