Don’t People Stare?


“No,” Natasha said, “I just… prefer it this way. I used to hang about in the house naked when I was by myself, and then Georgia would come home and find me like it and at first she thought it was weird, and then she got used to it, and then I’d completely forget about it and answer the door to some friends without putting anything on first, and then they’d get used to it too, and now I’m pretty much naked all the time, unless there are a lot of strangers around.”

“Oh,” I said, as if I understood, but obviously I didn’t really understand at all. Natasha smiled again.

“Most of the people here I know, and Georgia usually tells other people what to expect. And it’s my place so I can do what I like, eh? People don’t have to stay.”

I couldn’t disagree with that, although I still couldn’t really see why that meant being naked. Natasha was so comfortable as she was that I knew she wasn’t just doing it as a one-off. I can be pretty self-centred sometimes, but even I couldn’t believe it was all a trick to freak out the English girl.

“But, but,” I stuttered, “But don’t you feel odd, with everyone staring at you?”

Natasha smiled. She’d been asked that question dozens of times before, of course.

“Look around,” she said, and I complied, “Do you see many people staring?” I did see a couple of people staring, actually, and a couple of young guys looked away as my eyes met theirs, but it wasn’t as if we were the focus of attention in the room by any means. “See? And those guys were looking at you anyway, the Asian bombshell in the tight dress and high heels. They grew tired of looking at me ages ago, but you’re an unknown, and their imaginations are running riot trying to imagine how it would feel to put their hands around that tiny waist of yours, and wondering how those big breasts of yours will look without a bra and dress to support them.” I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks. “What’s there to imagine about these tiny things?” Natasha continued, and rubbed her nipples and her small breasts wobbled in response. “No, they’ve been looking at you the whole time we’ve been talking.”

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