Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 24th February 2020


It was weird with Mel tonight. I think my Saturday night adventures have given me some new kind of confidence, which weirdly manifested itself in being ultra submissive.

It was accounts night, and there wasn’t a lot to do. I wasn’t in the yoke this week but was tied at the ankles, knees and wrists again. I sort of wanted to tell Mel about Saturday, but I also wanted to keep it a secret, as if it gave me some power over her. (As if she cared!)

But I was finished catching up in about twenty minutes, so I called to her and asked if there was anything else I could do for her. Anything at all. Obviously, somehow in my mind the fact that I’d now finally had sex with a member of the same sex I was ready to do the same for anyone and everyone. And especially Mel.

Well, she didn’t quite take me up on the offer, because she said if there wasn’t any accounting to be done then I’d have to pay for my life-coaching another way. I had sex on my mind, but she, it seems, had ironing.

So that’s what I did, with my knees and ankles and wrists tied I tried to iron. The board was set up in the middle of Mel’s sitting room and she sat there at a laptop typing away as I, naked and barely able to move, struggled through her clothes.

It was slow going, but it was a remarkably effective turn-on.

Still, I was pretty much kicked out as soon as it was over as she said she was going to meet Jason. I hadn’t heard word of him for a while so I guess that answers one question.

It was a strange evening.

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