Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 23rd February 2020


That was quite the wildest twenty-four hours I’ve had in… probably ever.

I took a cab to Sarah and George’s along with Ha and Lily, and I was so scared of backing out of just getting naked that, of course, I only wore heels and a coat. They both knew it, of course.

So we arrived and Sarah took my coat with a big grin, and I realised it’s been a while since George last saw my body and Sarah gave him a playful slap, and I really needed a glass of wine for when Mark arrived.

It was about twenty minutes later when there was a knock at the door and Sarah went and answered it, and then I heard her say something about “wonderful to see you”, and then “I thought you were away,” and before I could work it out Mark came into the room, eyes popping as I stood there naked and trying to be as nonchalant as possible with a glass of wine in my hand, and right behind him was a striking and petite blonde woman with blue eyes and high cheekbones who introduced herself as Anastasia, or Ana for short.

Well, I hope I covered my surprise when it turned out that Mark and Anastasia have been seeing each other for over a year. So that kind of blew a hole in my plans for the evening, and now I was standing around naked and all ready to flirt with three long-term and very clothed couples for company.

It wasn’t until later that I managed to quiz Sarah in a “what the hell?” kind of way, and she said firstly she thought I knew, and secondly she thought Anastasia was out of the country, and thirdly she didn’t think she was good for Mark and was hoping he’d see the light once he’d met me! She’s such a schemer, that Sarah.

But we sat and ate and talked, and if Anastasia (who I did actually start calling Ana) realised I had designs on her boyfriend she was remarkably good about it, because we chatted quite a bit. I sort of guessed she was Russian, and she had a very sexy accent, but she said it was Belarusian (and now I’ve looked up where it is and it is next to Russia), so I wasn’t far off. She works at the embassy, which is why Sarah thought she’d be away as she travels back and forth a lot.

It was funny because she had none of the British reticence about asking me why I wasn’t wearing any clothes, and I sort of told her the truth: because I liked it better this way. I didn’t tell her that I wanted Mark to notice me, and how close he’d come to seeing me this way before at various parties, and how I was sure he’d been flirting with me a bit.

Ha and Lily found the whole thing quite amusing, and I think they saw that I wasn’t really put out by this major undoing of my plan, because it’s not like I’d even really decided if I liked Mark or not so this wasn’t really a big deal, and it was quite a fun evening.

After dinner we sat around some more and I’m not going to believe that Mark doesn’t find me at least a bit attractive, because there were plenty of stolen glances, and I didn’t mind if I sent a flirty smile his way too, and even when Ana saw me do it she winked at me so it was all good fun.

I was kind of thinking “that was fun, now onto the next adventure” when it was time for us all to head off, but it turned out that Mark and Ana were going near my place on the way home, and Mark was driving (and hadn’t been drinking), so they said they’d take me home. Ha and Lily got a car together, I put my coat back on and we went out into the cold night air.

They had a really nice Mercedes saloon and I wondered how they managed to afford it all, especially living in an expensive part of west London. Ana said she’d get into the back with me so we could talk, so Mark got into the driver’s seat, and I was about to slide into my seat when Ana said “Mark, turn the heating all the way up so Kate doesn’t have to keep her coat on in the car.”

Ana virtually took the coat off of me and said she’d put it in the boot out of the way so, feeling the air chilling my skin, I got into the back of their car in nothing but my little heels and Ana climbed in the other side.

With Ha, Lily and Kieran I’d been naked in a car before, and at least this one had dark windows, and Ana said no-one would stop us as she had diplomatic number plates (!), but it was still a little disconcerting. Then Ana said she’d really liked meeting me this evening, and at first she just put her hand on mine, but that turned straight into holding it.

From my seat I could see Mark glancing in his mirror to look at me, and I wondered how much he could see from there, and Ana saw me look at him and smile and she called out “how’s the view from up there?” and he said “really nice, thanks,” which made me blush, and before I knew it Ana had unbuckled her seat belt (which still alarms me!) and was right next to me in the back of the car so she could see Mark too and said “just keep your eyes on the road”.

She still had hold of my hand, and then she turned to me, and she was really close and her tights rubbed against my bare legs, and she said “let’s just hope this doesn’t distract him too much” and suddenly we were kissing.

It was just so unreal that I couldn’t think of how to stop it, and I didn’t want to anyway. And as she put her hand on my thigh and we kissed I wondered what Mark thought of all of this, but then I got lost in the moment again.

She broke the kiss and I opened my eyes for a second and I saw Mark’s eyes flash in the mirror, and then Ana’s lips were on my neck, and it was so magical that I closed my eyes again, and she just kept kissing, lightly touching me with those red lips, across my shoulders, across my neck, then across my chest, and then I moaned as she kissed a nipple.

Then suddenly the spell was broken when Mark said “We’re here.”

But when I looked out of the window I didn’t recognise where “here” was. Mark was already out of the car, and Ana was climbing out, and I saw Mark walk up a couple of stone steps and open a door into a large hallway, and then Ana had opened my door and was holding her hand out for me.

“Where are we?” I asked.

“Home,” she told me, and I realised that “well take Kate home” had meant one thing to me and a wholly different thing to them.

I didn’t know what to do, but I felt like I was along for the ride now.

It was only a quiet back street and a few steps to the front door, but it still felt incredibly furtive to be making the distance in the nude with Ana leading me by the hand and four stilettos ringing on the pavement. Ana told Mark to bring my coat in and suddenly we were inside and I was being led by one hand while Ana’s other turned on a few low lights.

Then suddenly she spun on the spot and as I nearly ran into her we ended up so close together. Her lips were back on my neck once more, where they naturally seemed to fall as she’s a couple of inches shorter than me. She was kissing my neck, and my chest again, and then I felt another pair of hands and opened my eyes for a second and I saw Mark standing behind Ana with his arms around her but reaching for my body.

I was totally lost by this point, and as Ana worked her way around my body I found myself between the pair of them, their clothes rubbing against my skin, their hands stimulating seemingly every part of me.

I was twisted in their hands to face Ana once more, and Mark’s strong hands ran down the front of my body, squeezing my breasts, my thighs, my waist, as Ana’s tongue criss-crossed my breasts. If push came to shove I’d take the strong hands of a man versus the soft hands of a woman, but the combination of both beats everything I’ve ever felt.

Ana’s lips moved down my body and she sunk to her knees, and Mark’s grip tightened around me as I leant back into him, and then pleasure exploded from within me as I felt a soft, feminine tongue between my legs.

I’ve never felt it before, but I hope to feel it again, because it took me to another level. She knew exactly what to do and when, and Mark’s strong grip ensured I could do nothing about it even if I wanted to.

I came within no more than a few seconds and Mark continued to support my body while I regained control, but this wasn’t the end of it. Still pressed between them Mark’s arms encircled me, but this time it was Ana’s body he touched, unbuttoning her blouse. I let their passion carry me and I joined in, unzipping her skirt, sliding it down her legs, feeling the arousal of discovering stockings instead of tights as I now slipped to my knees to push her skirt around her feet, and then placing kisses on her perfectly flat stomach.

I paused and looked up, just as Mark was removing Ana’s bra. She had small breasts, and she looked down and smiled at me and I decided there and then that I was fully into this now. I hooked my fingers into her knickers, pulled them down to her ankles, and now it was my turn to give rather than receive. I’ve also never tasted a woman before, and feeling the pleasure I gave was almost as good as the pleasure I’d received. Almost.

She remained standing as we brought her to orgasm, naked except for stockings and black heels, feet firmly planted and supporting her own weight better than I had. And boy did she make noises.

As she climaxed she pulled my head towards her and we kissed, and then she said to me, but not for my benefit, “Now guess whose turn it is.”

I felt like an expert at threesomes as we encircled Mark and began removing his clothing. It turned out to be far easier to push him to the floor and take his trousers and underwear from there.

It got a bit complicated at that point, because there’s only so much space around even quite a large man like Mark. Let’s just say that Ana and I ended up bumping into each other and giggling a lot, and it turned out to be very useful that Mark was strong enough to pretty much put either of us exactly where we should be. That in itself was a huge turn-on.

I think I’m glad Mark didn’t try to penetrate me as we teased him, but I instinctively knew when we were coming to an end: I was on the floor with Ana on all fours between my legs, her tongue stimulating me once more. Mark was taking her from behind, leaning over her body with his strong hands gripping my ankles. And somehow, probably because I guess they’ve done this before, we all came at the same time. It was so intense.

Then we lay there, three naked bodies, except I was still wearing heels, and Ann had hers and her stockings on too, and we giggled.

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but we lay around for a while, and talked about how much fun that was, and then Mark called me a cab, found me my coat and I got a free ride home.

Now I’m back I really don’t know what I think about it, but one thing I do know: I’ll never forget it.

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