Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 21st February 2020


Something weird happened today as I had to go to a meeting and on the way back I bumped into Ben – the Ben that was Kieran’s flatmate.

He, of course, made the joke about barely recognising me with my clothes on, and then asked me how I was etc. I wasn’t going to ask him about Kieran, but he told me that he realised he’d been a bit of an idiot, but that there was no going back, and how sad he was when he lost his phone with all our messages and photos on.

It wasn’t until later in the day that it clicked that maybe it wasn’t him who uploaded any photos of me. That makes me feel a lot better, and maybe I’m choosing to believe it more than it deserves, but it makes sense, because even though he was an idiot he never seemed nasty. And if so, that’s also good news because whoever found the photos almost certainly won’t know my name, so it’s less likely that anyone will ever turn up anything in a search.

I feel much happier with the world now I know that!

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