Living My Art


Suddenly Mia stood, threw off the coat and tossed it on the bed. As I expected, she was nude. She sat back down on the chair and crossed one perfectly toned leg over the other.

As I mentioned before, I’m not accustomed to being in the company of a naked woman, and certainly not in the privacy of my hotel room. I felt my face turning red: had I assessed this all wrong? Was Mia reticent to talk about relationships because I was a target for her? Had I given off signals? Was there any more of a signal than stripping to my underwear for lunch?

But Mia stayed sat in the chair. If this was a seduction it was a very passive one.

“I need to show you,” she said. I wondered what I could be shown that I hadn’t already seen.

“Show me what?” I asked.

“The stabilisers,” she said, “You can ride without them.” I began to understand what she might be getting at, and I dreaded the implication.

She stood and walked over to me and put her hands around my waist. My mouth went dry. Have I gone too far to stop this now?

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