Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 23rd January 2020


I had lunch with Ha today and couldn’t help but tell her about the naked bike ride photos that I’d found of us both. She was really embarrassed about it, but I guess it’s to be expected as there are so many mobile phones with cameras around. I didn’t tell her how I found the photos but then I realised I’d made a mistake when she asked where they were – because if I told her and she created an account and logged she’d find all the other pictures of me on there. Which would be a bit embarrassing plus, as I said, in case she is in touch with Kieran I don’t want to mess up any friendship they still have any more because it was obvious that the photos came from him.

Anyway, instead of telling her I had to go to the site on my phone, log in, and then waved the picture at her. Then I read out some of the comments (that didn’t mention my photos elsewhere!) and teased her that there might be good money in it if she wanted to be in more photos.

She actually seemed a bit worried about work finding out, but I don’t think the naked bike ride is a big deal. I’ve got a lot more to worry about with all of my photos on there – and I’m responsible for some of them!

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