Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 21st January 2020


I had my catch-up lunch with Jo (in the role of mentor!) today. I didn’t really have much to say from the last talk, but said I was reading a lot more about corporate tax law and would keep an eye out for opportunities. Jo said again that she wasn’t convinced about this direction within the company, but she’d help me with whatever I did.

Then we got onto gossiping as I asked her about her relationship. It still seemed to be going okay (but slowly) and they saw each other a couple of times a week, and sometimes he even stayed over! But she said she liked her independence, especially now she was in her forties, and couldn’t really imagine having to live with someone else just yet.

I always end these sessions somewhat besotted with Jo: she’s so smart, so confident, and still so damn sexy, regardless of her age! And I’m also jealous that her life is so well sorted while I don’t even have a good prospect on the horizon.

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