Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 20th January 2020


I actually had real work to do at Mel’s today: her tax return! It meant the session lasted longer than usual and she said she owed me a favour. Plus, it took longer than it should because she wrapped the soft rope around my ankles and my knees again, and then my wrists, so rifling through papers and typing was something of a slow task. It was a real turn-on to have the restriction, and the helplessness, though.

As it was later when I finished she made me dinner too, which was something of an experience in itself: first I had to try and shuffle from her work room to the kitchen stool with my feet still tied together. Mel held onto me to stop me falling over but it took a while, and by the time I got there I was feeling like I wanted sex, not food. And then she left my wrists tied while we ate, so I could hold a fork, or a knife, but not both at the same time (and do anything with them). Luckily nothing needed cutting up, but it was just so sexy to sit there naked and bound and eating.

We chatted for a bit more afterwards too, while I was still tied up on the stool. The downside is that with my thighs clamped together I know that nothing is going to happen.

And so it proved, because it was after nine that Mel said I had better get home, untied my wrists and let me did the rest, and I wasn’t even blessed with a sideways look as I put my boots and coat on, picked up my bag and left.

Still: she said she owed me a favour. That must mean something.

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