Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 12th January 2020


Today was a day of chores, followed by a not particularly welcome revelation.

The revelation came when I was feeling at a bit of a loose end this evening, so I went back to that website again. I was clicking through some of the old posts and who should I see looking out of the screen? Yup: it was me. In a mixture of pictures I was there on the naked bike ride (and so was Ha at least), but then there was another post that had half a dozen pictures that can only have come from Ha, Lily or Kieran, because they were from our holiday last year when I was walking along the canal in the nude.

I’m pretty sure I can rule out Ha or Lily being the sources.

It’s made me so mad again, because what does he think he’s doing? I was close to calling him up and having a go at him, but I don’t want to let him know that he’s got to me otherwise he might post even more. I’m sure they’re not the only ones he has.

The only positive thing is they’ve been there for months and so far there’s been no come-back, so I guess the fact that you need to log in to view them, and it’s a pretty niche interest, to be honest, is on my side.

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