Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 7th January 2020


Last night I dreamt I was tied up by Mel again. It was early morning in the office, and then she had to go and left me tied at the wrists, knees and ankles in the chair, just like I had been at her place. And then everyone started to arrive, and I couldn’t even move to hide, and then Tim came and started asking me questions about work and Ha said it was very brave of me to finally show my true self in the office.

Then I was called into a meeting but obviously I couldn’t walk there, so Matthew said he’d carry me, so he put his arms underneath my legs and lifted. His shirt was rubbing on my bare skin and then he moved his hand to get a better grip and ended up pressing you-know-where and I made a moaning sound and was about to have an orgasm… and then I woke up, still about to have an orgasm. And not able to do anything about it.

I was horny all day at work and starting to wonder if I could just randomly pick someone up to let my frustration out.

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