Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 6th January 2020


Mel is so mean to me!

Firstly, leaving the office was a bit tricky, because I went into the bathroom and undressed, put my coat back on, and then bumped into Tim on the way out who then started asking me about some piece of work that I’ve given him. So I had to go back to his desk and stand beside him explaining it again, all the while paranoid about being close to naked in the middle of the office! I can’t see how anyone would have guessed but it was quite nerve-wracking, but also quite a lot of fun.

It meant I was a bit late at Mel’s, and had to apologise even after she made me wait naked in the hallway. She just said I’d have to make it up, led me to her back room (after I’d taken my shoes off), and then she brought out some pieces of very long and very soft red cord. I can tell you it was soft because as I started to open the accounting software on her computer she bound it quickly and very tidily around my ankles, and then around my knees, keeping them tightly closed together, and lastly she made me hold my hands out and bound my wrists together (in front of me). I was pretty much ready to have an orgasm by then and I asked her how I was mean to work like that and she said that was for me to figure out.

It was actually possible to type, but far from ideal. Then she left me while I worked through her accounts. It was incredibly frustrating because I was more horny than I think I’d ever been, and having my legs bound together just made it even worse because it was it felt like a very firm message that nothing was going to happen down there tonight.

I worked for an hour and, to be honest, I’ve done a lot of the setup now so I’m not sure how many more sessions we need. Mel came back in and I walked her through it, which was difficult as I was still tied up. Plus all I could think about was whether she would finally give me some relief at the end of it all.

Mel said I looked quite elegant with my legs bound together and that made me feel nice. Then she went and got her phone, came back and took a photo of me at her desk! It’s not like I could get away either, because there was no way I was going to try to walk with my ankles tied together.

Then Mel made me slide off of the chair and sat me in the middle of the floor and took another couple of photos. I felt so helpless as I don’t think I could even stand without her help, and there she was taking advantage of me!

It all felt like it was building up to something, and then Mel started to untie me. It felt like nothing was going to happen and I wondered if she’d forgotten her insistent on my self-chastity, so I couldn’t help but remind her that it had been over two weeks and I said I’d been tempted to seduce just about anyone at New Year since I wasn’t allowed to touch myself.

Then Mel said she would send me an e-mail with the photos she’d taken attached, and a website address, and that if I posted the photos on there then I’d be allowed to masturbate.

Even though I’m home now and want to touch myself so much I couldn’t possibly go through with that. I feel stuck.

One thought on “Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 6th January 2020

  1. John

    That seems like a warning sign. I’m starting to worry a bit about whether you can really trust Mel.

    [Still, the story is super hot!]

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