Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 4th January 2020


I had another dream last night about being at work naked. I was planning to go to Mel’s so had undressed, and then had something to finish off and went back to my desk, and then Jo came and told me to take my coat off and get back to work because if I wanted to progress I needed to finish reviewing some accounts tonight and why was I leaving at only 2pm anyway? So more people came back to the office after lunch, and I was sitting there naked and trying to work, and then Rachel (who I haven’t fantasised about at all before!) was sitting beside me as I briefed her on some work and her tights were rubbing against my bare legs, and then she reached over and put her hand on my thigh.

And then I woke up, and I so nearly orgasmed, and then I remembered I had to go park running so got up quickly and just about made it in time.

Mel was there and she waited for me at the end and we walked back together and talked about how our new year and Christmas holidays had been, and I said it had been very frustrating! But I’m not allowed to ask if I can do you-know-what, so I just skirted around it. I told her I’d ended up in my underwear at the party and she found that funny, especially when I said Sarah believed I had nothing on underneath my dress. She said it was good to keep people guessing.

I’m still so frustrated, though!

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