Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 1st January 2020


Welcome to 2020! Which has started with a bit of a hangover (as many years seem to).

But, of course, you’re wondering what went on last night.

I went by Ha and Lily’s so we could all arrive at George and Sarah’s together. Ha and Lily looked amazing, as ever, in long dresses with splits up the side. I so wish I was as thin as they are!

On the way there we were talking about New Year and Ha asked if I had any resolutions, and I said I was hoping to lose my inhibitions, and she asked if I had any, and if that meant I’d just give up wearing clothes entirely. I said I would if I could, but maybe the journey to work would be a bit cold, and maybe the office would be a little less productive for everyone else. She said she thought sick days would go down.

But we got there and the party had already started and there were maybe eight or nine people there, plus George and Sarah. I didn’t know anyone else but Sarah introduced me to a few people and we got chatting.

Anyway, sometime later I realised I recognised someone, because he was at the Halloween party. It was  the guy that said I had by far the sexiest costume there (when Ha kept cutting pieces out of it and nearly pulled the whole thing off). I wasn’t sure of his name but it was Mark, and we ended up chatting again.

But I was feeling rather flirty. You may have noticed I’ve been feeling that way rather a lot lately. But I reminded him of what he said at Halloween about my costume. He said he was glad he hadn’t had to wait a whole year to see me again. He said the last thing he remembered was I nearly ended up with no costume at all, which would have been just fine. I blushed and said did that mean he was disappointed today and he just said “not a bit of it” and I went a bit gooey inside.

Sarah came over and Mark said he couldn’t stay for too long as he was supposed to be at another party for midnight. That left me feeling gutted and Sarah said their party was bound to be better, and he said “I guess the other party won’t have Kate there.” And then: “Unless you want to come to that one.” But I didn’t feel like going adventuring with a stranger, and it would have been rude to leave so I just smiled, and then said “I’d prefer to think of a way to get you to stay.”

Sarah could tell I wanted to jump him right there and then, and I guess because by now she was quite tipsy, she said: “If you’d seen what Kate wore the last time she was here I can guarantee you wouldn’t leave.” And he raised an eyebrow and I blushed, because the last time I was at their place I was naked at a dinner party.

Mark said “why’s that?” and Sarah beckoned him closer and whispered in his ear. I don’t know for sure if she actually told him, but he looked at me said “So do you end every party by losing your outfit?” and my cheeks really burned.

Sarah turned to me and said: “I’m certainly hoping you’ll have lost your inhibitions come midnight,” and then back to Mark she asked him: “Would that tempt you to stay? Because I heard a rumour that at midnight Kate’s planning to give up inhibitions for New Year.”

Mark looked at me quite intently and I asked Sarah where she heard that, and she said Ha had told her. Mark said that it was definitely tempting, so Sarah said “What about it, Kate? We can get a few hours more of Mark in return for a little black dress.”

I felt so embarrassed, but I said to her: “I’ll lose mine if you lose yours.” She was wearing a very grand and shiny green gown.

But she floored me by holding out a hand and saying “Deal!”.

I honestly had never thought it of Sarah, because although she seemed somewhat fascinated by my kink she’d never shown any sign of interest herself. And now I was tempted enough to see if she would go through with it that I had to shake her hand.

She turned to Mark and said: “It looks like you’re staying.”

I got more nervous as midnight approached, and at about quarter to Sarah came over and said: “If we’re going to do this, let’s go to another room.”

I still couldn’t believe she was planning to join me, so we went through the kitchen to the conservatory, where the coats were, and closed the door, and Sarah was already unzipping her dress and wriggling out of it.

And then I realised why she was fine with this, because underneath she was wearing a black slip with thin straps that could almost have passed for a dress. (Albeit a very short one.) And she had tights on, so she looked just as covered up as I did already.

I said “That’s cheating!” and she just smiled and said she was going through with her part of the deal, but to be honest I was feeling like I wanted to go through with it anyway so I unzipped my dress and wriggled out of it, and then Sarah accused me of cheating, because she said Ha had told her I never wore underwear! Did she really expect me to go out into a bunch of strangers in the nude? (Don’t answer that!)

But she said my underwear was really sexy, and the stockings definitely made it, so maybe this was even better. So now I had to help her give everyone a glass of champagne to toast the New Year.

So like that, in underwear and stockings, I carried a tray of drinks around, getting some very nice comments and attention from both the men and the women, and Ha saying she never believed I was wearing anything underneath and what a shame. I made sure to circle around to Mark last of all and he smiled and said he liked this outfit even better now.

We counted the New Year in, and touched glasses and I watched all of the couples hugging and kissing each other, and I gave Mark a kiss on the cheek and said I hoped his wishes came true for the New Year. He said he hadn’t even wished for anything until just before midnight and now it looked promising already and butterflies started in my stomach.

Except then he said he really did have to go to the other party, because his brother was there, and the butterflies in my stomach felt like they’d all been stamped on. But still, I got to hang around in sexy underwear for another hour or so before putting my coat over the top and sharing a car with Ha and Lily.

It was a nice evening, but it could have been better, and today I’m so frustrated. I’ll have to ask Sarah for Mark’s details, because this is not how I wanted the New Year to start!

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