Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 19th December 2019


I experienced another first today. Yet another first. The old me wouldn’t recognise the new me one bit.

Just in case Mel did meet me for lunch I wore a skirt and stockings, because I wanted to look my best. She didn’t confirm until the last minute and I had to make excuses to Ha as to where I was going and met her in a café nearby.

Anyway, we sat opposite each other in a booth, and now I was face-to-face with her I was too embarrassed to bring up the whole please-let-me-masturbate thing, and we both ate a salad and talked about the party on Saturday and I said how much fun it was. Mel said I had been a lot of help and she’d had enquiries from other people wanting to hire me! I said that sounded risky, because eventually someone will recognise me, but she said I should do it anyway and let the future take care of itself. I’ll leave that open for now but the idea really does excite me.

But we had finished eating and Mel sat back in her chair and I felt something against my calf and realised Mel had slipped her foot out of her shoe and it was her toe I could feel. I went upwards, past my knee, and then she slid it along my thigh, and she was wearing sheer tights and it felt so smooth and I took a deep breath as she put her foot beneath my legs, right under the table!

I couldn’t help myself as I pivoted my hips a little and her toe, um, made contact, and it felt so amazing that I closed my eyes for a second. Mel carried on talking and I had to concentrate on breathing and not making any other noise as her toe caressed and probed between my legs, rubbing slowly and firmly up and down. If anyone had stood over us they would have seen the movement beneath my skirt and I was worried that someone across the room might notice, but partly I didn’t care, but partly I had to concentrate so much on not making any noise that I couldn’t think of anything else.

I remember clenching my fists and trying to stay still and that’s when the orgasm hit, and as best I could, just breathing quickly and gritting my teeth, I don’t think you could tell, not from a distance. Obviously Mel could tell, and the harder I tried to control my body the more intense it seemed to become. I couldn’t even beg her to stop because I think I would have shouted it.

Maybe thirty seconds later, and only about two minutes after he start, I was done, desperately pulling my body away from Mel’s toe and feeling like I just wanted to slump over the table.

Mel let me recover for a moment and then, just when I was feeling as embarrassed as I could possibly be, she said, a little too loudly: “Is that the first time you’ve orgasmed in public?”

I went bright red, because I’m sure someone could hear us, and nodded. Mel smiled and said imagine how much better it would be if I was naked. I couldn’t believe I was getting turned on again already! And then she said “And imagine if people were watching.” I wasn’t sure they weren’t, but the whole idea was just making me so horny again I asked “Like who?” and Mel said “Like Ha? She likes you.” And I turned all kinds of shades of red. “Or your mentor. Jo.” I couldn’t imagine ever living that down but I didn’t want to say anything that would give me away.

After that she changed the subject, and ten minutes later I was on my way back to the office. I think that might have been the best lunch break ever!

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