Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 18th December 2019


Last night was just so weird.

The party started okay, with all the girls all being dressed up and the guys wearing suits, and clients came in and we were polite. And then I was totally freaked out first by seeing the cute guy from the party on Saturday, and then realising he was with his wife Deborah!

She gave me a funny look when we were introduced by Henry, and even asked if we’d met before! I was so worried that she’d recognise me, because that mask I was wearing really didn’t hide much of my face at all, and then when Henry said “This is Kate?” she said, with her incredibly soft and sexy voice: “Kate? You’re sure?” and I knew I’d been rumbled. I went so red and Henry obviously didn’t know why.

I couldn’t really talk to her after that so after being polite I found another corner of the room to hide in, but somehow she found me again. She said it was quite a nice party, but she’d been to better parties than this one lately. I didn’t know what to say, and then she asked me if I’d been to any good parties, because I must go to a few for my work! I said I’d only been to one so far, and then she asked me whether I’d worn the same dress. I said “no”, and then said she presumed I just wore something else and didn’t turn up in the nude!

The whole exchange just made me so horny, but I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to say. So then she started asking me about work, and I started talking about what I wanted to do, which was all the clever tax stuff, and she said her company had a lot of that going on and she paid accountants to find her ways to save tax. It might sound dodgy, but it’s all legal, so why not? Then her husband came and retrieved her, and I could tell from his expression that at least he didn’t know who me from Saturday. Deborah said she hoped I found ways to get into the kind of things I liked doing, both in and out of accountancy, and I went red again and we exchanged a kiss on the cheek.

Jo talked to me afterwards and said something about me having a long chat with Deborah, and how they’d only taken her husband on as a client to try to get into her business but we’d never managed it.

When I got home I had to ask Mel if I could masturbate today. She said “no” again, but she did say she might be around tomorrow for lunch and a talk. Talking isn’t what I want! Abstinence is definitely not good for me.

On the other hand, I had a load of energy for pilates this evening, and since I was in my kit I ran home afterwards. It’s a few miles but I just have to let it all out somehow.

I ended up walking around the flat this evening with the lights on and the curtains wide open and almost hoping any of the pair from across the road would come over. Because I know the rules and masturbating may not be allowed but regular sex is definitely okay. Unfortunately, even though I know they could see me, I went to bed very frustrated.

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