Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 12th December 2019


I had my lunch with Jo today and told her about the corporate tax thing I wanted to get into. It didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, because she said it wasn’t really something anyone in the office had expertise in, not at that level, and anyway I had to be careful because it was an ear where people really skirted the law. She said she’d heard about some people being really successful, but others had struggled if they didn’t mind bending a few rules, and reputation was everything in our industry – and in that sector the only good reputation you could get was to say “yes” to everything the client asked for and overlook a principles, and maybe even a few laws, while you were doing it.

It hasn’t put me off but I’ve got to think of my options. She said the best thing for me to do was to keep working on these lower level accounts and see what direction attracted me along the way, because I had a good future at the firm. That part was promising, because I told her that I’d been recommended to get a mentor and I said I’d really appreciate it if she could be that person. She said she could be for a while, if it only meant having a catch-up every now and again, but ideally I should find someone I don’t work with so they can remain impartial. She joked that I couldn’t exactly complain about my boss to my mentor if they were the same person, but then I can’t imagine ever complaining about Jo.

Anyway, we’re going to have lunch once a month to chat, which can only be a good thing.

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