Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 10th December 2019


I texted Mel today to say how grateful I was for last night’s session and how I owed her a lot of time because we talked for over three hours and there’s no way I can do that much accounting for her in one night. She replied and said she was glad I found it useful and she might have some other way I can repay her, and it made my body tingle because it sounded kind of like fun.

At lunch Ha asked me how it went with Mel and I think I blushed but I said we only talked for about three hours. Ha just raised her eyebrows, but I can’t believe she’d ever even imagine what’s really going on.

I’ve been thinking about career and stuff and realised that I really enjoy a lot of corporate tax accounting stuff. Yeah, I know that sounds weird to any non-accountants, but it really is interesting, but you’ll have to take my word for it. Anyway, I’ve been looking into it a bit more and I think it’s something I can get into while still doing my current job so that’s what I’m going to talk to Jo about.

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