Exhibitionist Diary – Wednesday 4th December 2019


I sort of did it today, in that I told Ha that Mel was going to be doing some life-coaching for me and in return I’d be doing her tax returns. She just said that she knew Mel liked me the first time we’d met, but I don’t how because all I remember was that she was shocked and asked me lots of questions, and the second time we met she almost seemed a bit cold towards me. I’m not sure Mel is right, but then I guess she must like me in some way otherwise I can’t believe I’d be sitting naked in her apartment every week.

I had a meeting with Jo today and she said I needed to think about what I wanted to do with my future career. I was worried for a second, but she said there were lots of directions I could take but I’d need to start working towards something now. It seems like everyone’s giving me advice at the moment! I guess I should just try and listen.

And if I wasn’t sucker for enough punishment, I even made it to Pilates this evening. It was an intense abs session and I can feel it’s going to hurt tomorrow…

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