Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 2nd December 2019


I’ve completed my first run through Mel’s accounts, and it was a wholly bizarre and incredibly charged experience.

I wore my new coat to work today, the one with the nice snug neck, but obviously with clothes underneath. But when it was time to leave I went into the bathroom and put my trousers and blouse into my bag and left in just the coat and shoes. When Mel buzzed me in I went upstairs, took the coat off and knocked on the door. An age passed, as usual, before she came, looked me up and down, nodded as if in approval and I followed her in.

She was in a pair of black shorts, opaque tights and a black top that zipped down the front. She’s got such an amazing figure that you wouldn’t believe.

Anyway, I took my shoes off and followed her into her kitchen, and then she said “Let’s get you chained to a desk then.” She wasn’t joking.

This time I took the seat at the computer and Mel said that while I was working for her I was to wear a uniform. This seemed to consist of the same metal hand and ankle cuffs she had put on me before, plus a smooth, shiny collar around my neck. Then she pulled some chains from another drawer and said depending on what I was doing these would stop me from wandering. One chain was linked to both ankle cuffs – much shorter than last time so I would barely be able to walk – and another ran from a loop in the collar to a loop between my feet. Not only couldn’t I walk, but I wouldn’t be able to stand. Finally the cuffs around my wrist were also chained together, just wide enough for me to be able to reach computer keyboard and mouse at the same time.

It was incredibly erotic and only took around a minute, and then Mel pulled the chair closer, leaned across me to reach the mouse, and began to show me her accounts.

It was hard to concentrate because all I could think of was how I was naked and chained and pretty much helpless, and every movement seemed to touch a new piece of cold steel to my skin. Mel seemed oblivious as she explained her client list, receipts and expenses.

She asked how long I thought it would take. I said more than one session, but after about three or four it would only require a little bit every couple of weeks. She nodded, stood, and I was left to it.

Somehow working nude had been my fantasy, but this wasn’t entirely how I thought it would be. For a start, I was alone again, and for another thing I had never pictured the chains.

Whenever I had a question I had to call Mel in. She answered, and then she left again.

I was working for nearly an hour before she returned again. She had me show her what I’d done as she stood beside me, and I was intensely conscious of her body as she put one hand on my shoulder.

I began to walk her through the system I was setting up, and as I spoke her hand softly stroked my collar bone. My breathing became deeper and I found myself sitting upright in the chair.

Soon her hand moved a little lower, closer to my breast, and I had trouble keeping my speech steady as eventually her fingers found their way to my nipple. The sensation was intense as she pressed it gently and then, with her other hand, she began to caress my other breast.

I stopped talking and Mel stopped stroking.

“I won’t carry on if you can’t,” she said.

I didn’t know how I was going to manage it, but I didn’t want her to stop.

I talked about tax deductibles and VAT as her hand ran down my body and across my pelvis, and it was hard to talk and breath and focus on her touch at the same time, and then her hand slipped between my thighs and my voice rose a few notes, but somehow I continued. And then the details of spending categorisation became interwoven with gasps as her finger pressed between my legs.

It was almost impossible to talk now, yet for the few seconds that I stopped Mel did too, and I didn’t want that.

Thankfully, when my orgasm came and I could talk no more, Mel continued to caress my body. It felt so good and I was completely lost in the moment, and somehow a few minutes later I was half-slumped in the office chair with my feet and hands still chained. Again, I felt somewhat embarrassed, and even a little humiliated, as Mel stood beside me, fully clothed and entirely dominant. But the embarrassment was worth it, and now I’m back home and ready for bed I still can’t stop smiling when I think back on the evening.

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