Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 28th November 2019


I had a briefing with Tim today so I went for as short a skirt as I dared and stockings again. I get the feeling he’s really into that kind of thing. I just wish I had my own office so I could “accidentally” let an extra blouse button pop open while we were talking. It’s funny, because he seems quite flustered when I’m talking to him, like he’s never even talked to a girl before!

Then I went out for a quick lunch with Ha and she said Lily had given her a good grilling over the night I stayed over (because it was obvious to tell I had). Apparently Lily also quite liked the suggestion that I move in with the two of them and do chores to pay my way! I said I could guess what kind of outfit I’d be wearing while I did them, and Ha said what made me think I’d have an outfit? She’s such a flirt even and I think the fact that I’ve never shown even a bit of interest in her (or maybe only the smallest bit) just encourages it.

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