Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 25th November 2019


On the one hand things have changed about my session with Mel on Monday night, but on the other hand not so much.

I turned up at her flat sometime after six and she buzzed me in. It almost felt weird standing outside her door with my clothes on, now that our Pilates thing was over, but still she made me wait a minute. And then she opened the door, looked me up and down disapprovingly, and said: “Have you forgotten our rules?”

I tried to protest that I hadn’t realised she meant for that rule to continue, but from the way she stood in the doorway with her arms crossed across her chest that she had expected nothing to change.

So I had to hurriedly undress in her hallway. She took each item from me as I removed it, and she even made me take my shoes off before she let me inside. There was something very disarming about removing absolutely everything as she watched.

Once inside we went to a room I hadn’t visited before which was Mel’s office. It was fairly small with a computer desk and two chair, one at the desk and the other to one side which I took. It was comfortable and we ended up sitting opposite each other maybe a couple of feet apart.

Then the quizzing began in earnest. Mel asked me what I wanted from career (not sure), love (not sure. Maybe meet someone?), general happiness (aren’t they the same?) and wouldn’t let up without getting some kind of answer out of me, or if I was vague another question followed. And over time I was just answering every question she asked no matter how personal. All the while Mel was jotting it down in a notepad.

It was quite an experience because some of those things I haven’t thought about anywhere near enough (obviously). It lasted maybe an hour, all the while with me sitting there meekly in the nude as it felt like there wasn’t a single part of my body or soul that Mel couldn’t examine in as much detail as she liked.

Then as an hour passed she said she had plenty to think about and we would put together an action plan, but that was it for this week.

I asked her about her accounts, which was my part of the bargain, and she said I would be doing those next week.

When Mel stood I did too, she moved towards the door and before I knew it I was back in the hallway with coat, skirt and blouse over my arm and shoes in my other hand. I dressed as hurriedly as I could and came home.

It’s weird, because this week she didn’t lay a single hand on my body, but I feel like she’s touched me on a much deeper level. And that’s what I meant when I meant things have changed, but not in the way I thought they would.

Oh, but apparently no masturbating allowed this week. That’s one rule I really wish Mel had omitted.

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