Exhibitionist Diary – Friday 22nd November 2019


It’s Friday, and it was bright and sunny (if cold) and I put on a shorter skirt and stockings and a blouse and dragged Tim out for lunch with Rachel, under the guise of “getting to know each other”. He was still very quiet, but quite nice we he did say things, and me and Rachel did our best to quiz him. One thing: he’s most definitely single, and he’s most definitely straight.

I went and sat with him this afternoon and, whoopsie, by skirt rode up just enough to show that, yes, those are stockings and not tights. Wait until he learns I’m not wearing any underwear. (And how exactly am I going to communicate that?)

Then to finish it off I dragged him out to the pub afterwards with a few others, because he’s new and he needs to get to know people. And, you know what, even flirting with someone who’s probably off-limits made me feel better than last week.

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