Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 17th November 2019


Well at least I had something random to change my day today. I was heading out to the supermarket when the woman opposite came out of her door. I waved, because we’ve seen each other enough across the street by now, and we’ve even seen each other naked, for God’s sake, and she waved back, and then like she had a sudden idea she crossed over to me.

Her name is Alison, and she was really nice. But she said we’d seen each other so much (but didn’t refer to the nude bit) and it was a shame that nobody knew their neighbours so how about I come over for afternoon tea later. I said sure, because I literally couldn’t care less about what I do with my day at the moment.

Anyway, I went over at four and knocked on the door, and I was let in by the guy, the one I’ve seen walking around naked a couple of times. He smiled and said his name was Russ, and we shook hands very gently, and he led me inside.

Alison was sitting on the sofa and looking a little more formal than I’d have expected, in a nice skirt and blouse and make-up that put me to shame a little, because I was in trousers and a top and very much without make-up. I noticed Russ was quite smartly dressed too, in trousers and a shirt. I wondered if I’d misread the tone of the afternoon, or perhaps they were the religious type who got really dressed up for Sundays.

Anyway, Alison got me to sit next to her, and we chatted about random things while Russ went off and made tea.

Ten minutes later he came back with tray, some cakes, a teapot, milk, spoons, and everything, and only two cups. I was too curious not to ask why there weren’t three and Alison said he was okay, he’d have something later.

But he remained standing nearby – not sitting – and not joining in the conversation. At some point I had to probe and said I wasn’t sure if the two of them were together and Alison said “we are” and then added “kind of” and then another pause and said “I guess most people would say: yes, we are”, and that didn’t clear it up much either.

Still, as I thought earlier, Alison was nice, but if I wanted anything else it was Russ that got it, and Russ that poured the tea, and Russ that put a pastry on my plate and handed it to me. But it was never Russ that spoke.

I was there for about ninety minutes before I thought I’d probably stayed long enough, and I couldn’t tell if they wanted me to leave, but Alison said goodbye from the sitting room and said it was really nice to meet me and hear about my work, and she’d really like to have me over again, maybe in a couple of weeks for tea again. I said it would be nice, which it might be, even if a bit weird, and then Russ showed me to the door.

It was all a bit strange. And then to top it off I got home, made dinner, and before I went to bed I sacked my dominatrix. (i.e. texted Mel to say I didn’t think I should come to hers any more).

What a week.

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