Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 4th November 2019


Oh boy oh boy I feel like I’ve stepped into a world I barely even knew existed before.

As “usual”, I was waiting outside of Mel’s door with my coat over my arm, just hoping that none of her neighbours caught the nude woman in the hallway, and as usual she made me wait. When she opened the door I went from feeling like a naked sex goddess to being an insignificant speck in the eyes of towering beauty, because once more Mel was dressed head to toe in black, with shiny black ankle boots and a big silver necklace.

I followed her in and took my own boots off, dropping me even further in height, and we started the warm-up. She said I knew what I was doing better now, so she sat in an armchair across the room while I went through the beginnings of the routine. She told me what to do next, and gave me direction, but her corrections on my position were only vocal and, oh, how I wanted her to cross the space between us and touch my skin. I’m sure she had promised something last week and I wanted to know what it was. But I daren’t remind her.

After a while I had given up, and even in the warm-down stretches she remained in her chair, one leg crossed over the other and talking about exercise and core strength as if there wasn’t a naked woman writhing around on her floor.

When we were done I sat on a kitchen stool, still naked, sipping water from a glass and Mel finally came over to stand opposite me with her arms folded across her (rather shapely) chest.

“I see you’ve managed to keep your hands off yourself,” she said, looking down at me. I hadn’t realised my arousal was that obvious and I blushed and nodded.

“Two weeks ago you came really quickly. You barely touched yourself.” I nodded and blushed again, knowing that I’d be even quicker now, despite the ache in my legs and stomach muscles. “Why was that?” she’d asked. I think I shrugged and said I didn’t know.

“Is it because I was watching?”

I was so embarrassed I could barely speak and I just said I didn’t know. Maybe. She said it was too late to be anything but open an honest with her, because I shouldn’t have any secrets, and I definitely shouldn’t be embarrassed. So I had to admit that, yes, I came really quickly because she was watching.

“And because you were naked and I was clothed?” I nodded again. “Why do you think that is?”

I shrugged and tried to answer: “Something about power. Maybe helplessness.”

“But you weren’t helpless. You had a choice.” She was right: I wasn’t. I’d chosen to do as she said. Maybe that’s what made it even more arousing: that I’d voluntarily submitted to her. I didn’t say that, though.

Then she said “wait here” and disappeared into another room that I think was her bedroom. I heard the clanking of metal and when she returned there was no mistaking what she had in her hands: a pair of thick metal handcuffs and a chain. She told me to twist on the seat and put my hands behind my back, which I did, and the cold metal was locked around my wrists. There was only a short chain between the cuffs and it pressed into my backside as I turned back.

I hadn’t noticed a second pair and she crouched down and put those around my ankles. The cuffs were slimmer and more delicate and the chain was a little longer, although I’d only be able to take shuffling steps, but just feeling the cold metal on my skin almost brought me to climax anyway. My body shook a little, I think.

Mel then stood up and looked at me with her arms crossed over her chest. “There,” she said, “Now you’re a little more helpless.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was too stunned to even think, and a little afraid of what might come next. I’d never even gotten the cuffs and bondage tape I’d bought out with Kieran, and there I was in chains and able to do little more than shuffle across the floor, if I wanted to.

Mel said she didn’t need to ask if I liked it because she could see. That made me feel more embarrassed than being naked and helpless on her kitchen chair.

“So you can masturbate now if you like,” she said to me. At that point I was so desperate and felt like I’d already crossed so many lines that it no longer made any difference, but I had no idea how. I certainly couldn’t reach any part of me with my hands behind my back. I almost ached with self-desire.

Then Mel said the strangest thing I think I’ve ever heard: “It’s exquisite to see the anguish on your face.”

But then she took a step towards me and slowly and deliberately put her hand between my legs and stroked.

I think the moan I let out was rather loud, because the sensation was one of the most intense I’ve ever felt. Within maybe fifteen seconds I was lost to an orgasm, barely able to keep my balance on the chair, and all down to two of Mel’s fingers.

And then I had trouble getting her to stop, and it was only when I clamped my thighs tight and twisted in the seat that I was able to escape.

I had trouble meeting her eye for a minute, but she sat on the stool beside me as if we were just two girls having a chat.

“Was it worth waiting a week for?” she asked. I nodded, because short as it had been, it was amazing. “Then before I release you promise me that you’ll wait another week again.” I nodded once more, but now I wonder what might have happened if I’d said “no”. Wouldn’t she have had to release me anyway?

I was let out of the chains soon after and hurried home, still embarrassed, mildly ashamed, but also totally exhilarated. And now all I want to do is masturbate again and fantasise about it all over again and I can’t!

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