Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 19th October 2019


Last night wasn’t quite as expected, but it was very interesting to say the least.

When it was time to leave Ha came by my desk and I got my things. I’d had half a thought to strip down to my coat and go back to her place like that but I couldn’t go through with it. But then on the way out I had the sudden urge so I asked Ha to wait for a minute and headed into the bathroom, got out of my skirt and top, put my coat back on and came out to meet her. I was already buzzing because there were still a few people in the office.

Then Helen came out of the office with one of the interns and asked if we wanted to come for a quick drink. I couldn’t work out how to say no, and Ha said “yes” very quickly anyway, so the four of us went off to the pub with me in boots and my coat and not a stitch more!

I was so self-conscious that I ended up quite giggling with a martini, and all the while worried about how tightly I’d managed to keep my coat lapels closed, but I really don’t think Helen guessed. At least we were standing the whole time so I didn’t have to worry about the bottom half flapping about too much.

Luckily Helen had to go off to meet a friend so I left with Ha, still feeling very light-headed from the whole thing. Then we took the bus to Ha’s, and that was packed so more standing up, and finally we were at her place and it almost felt like home when I was through the front door.

Ha took off her coat and as casually as I could I took off mine, expecting to see her shocked that I had nothing on underneath, and she just said “I was wondering if you’d mention it before you got here.” And I guess she knew all along. I asked her why she made me go for a drink with Helen and the intern if she knew, but I needn’t have: she just thought it would be fun.

She actually stood and watched as I took off my boots, which made me feel rather horny already, and then I followed her into the sitting room. I was expecting to see Lily waiting for us and tutting about why we were late but I couldn’t see her. Then I had a shock when I asked Ha and she told me that Lily was away with work for the weekend.

I hadn’t even considered that it might be just the two of us, and if I had then maybe I would have worn something after all! But I guess I’m committed now and putting my skirt and blouse back on would make me look a little silly, especially since Ha’s seen my body so many times now.

I asked Ha if Lily knew I was here and she said she’d mentioned it, so I guess that was okay.

Anyway, she ordered us a Thai takeaway and got out some more wine, and then when the knock on the door came Ha coolly said: “Do you mind getting that?” And emboldened by the wine and the way the evening had gone so far, I went to the door and opened it a crack, just enough that I think the delivery guy knew exactly why I was hiding, and took the bag of food from him. I wish I’d opened it a bit more now.

I was even more giggly when I took it back to Ha and we sat and ate at her dining table, her in a skirt and blouse and tights and me in nothing whatsoever.

I can tell if Ha was being more flirty than usual with me or if I was just more sensitive, but yet again I felt like I was on a first date with someone, and we even got as far as Ha putting food into my mouth with her chopsticks getting me to taste things and guess what they were. It was the sexiest thing I’ve done for quite a long time.

We went back and sat on the sofa afterwards, with yet more wine, both curled up at either end and not quite touching, and I loved it every time she sneaked a look at my body. Honestly, if it hadn’t been for the awkwardness of having to lean across the sofa I might have ended up kissing her, it felt like it was going that well.

But we stayed with just talking, though, and then I was glad we had because Ha got a text from Lily. It was just a simple “How’s it going” message, but I did wonder if Lily was checking she wasn’t up to mischief. Ha replied with “Just chatting on the sofa”, and then Lily asked if I was naked.

Instead of typing a reply Ha sat up and got me to do the same and as we were sat right up against each other she started a call with Lily. Although it turned out it was a video call, so that answered the question of if I was naked at least! I don’t know if I’ve actually been naked at the end of a video chat before, so that’s a first.

We had a bit of a laugh and giggle with Lily and then hung up because she had to go to bed for an early start. She ended with “and make sure to behave yourselves.”.

The call ended and for a moment we looked at each other and I’m sure we both felt the tension and it went really quiet. At least Ha is loyal to Lily otherwise who knows what might have happened and I’d have felt so guilty about it.

I hadn’t realised how late it had gotten and said I really should go, but I’d already missed the last train home so it would have to be buses. I really didn’t fancy it as we could hear the wind and rain outside, but Ha said I could stay over and it went silent again because I really did wonder if she was making a proposal of some kind. She left it for a second and then she laughed and said they had a spare room so I didn’t have to worry about sharing a bed and “catching lesbian off of her” as she put it.

Anyway, she showed me my room, lent me a toothbrush, then we had a quick hug on the landing, which somehow felt really friendly but also a bit more than friendly at the same time. Then she went to bed herself.

As I came back from the bathroom I could hear a buzzing coming from her room and at first I wondered if she had an electric toothbrush, but then I heard a little moan and it struck me: she had a vibrator going in there! It was such a huge turn-on to think of her pleasuring herself in the next room that I did the same, wondering if I should make a bit of noise too and half-hoping that if I did I might get a secret little visit. Somehow, if it was in the dark, it might not count as infidelity, or at least I told myself that.

Nothing of the sort happened, of course, and I was asleep quite quickly.

I was rather thick-headed when I woke up the next morning, but Ha had left me a towel so I padded to the shower and felt a little better afterwards. On the way back I could smell coffee from downstairs, and realised that my only clothes were also down there. It felt a little weird walking into Ha’s kitchen already nude and she gave a little smile when she saw me (as she was in a night-dress and gown, although both were quite short and more than a little bit sexy). I sat on a stool and she gave me coffee and then we had some muesli and fruit.

I think the conversation was naturally running out by that point, so I said I had better get home because I had things to do. The weather has brightened up today but it’s still pretty fresh so I put my skirt and blouse ready to leave. Ha said she was going to miss having a naked woman around the place, and I said she should suggest that to Lily sometime. She said it would be more likely the other way around, and without thinking I said “make sure to invite me round if that happens” and it even made Ha blush. But she assured me that it wouldn’t, which I think is a big shame.

We had another hug on the doorstep (although being clothed it’s nowhere near as good) and then I left.

On the way home I checked my phone and saw a message from Mel: “Didn’t see you at the park run this morning.” Somehow she doesn’t need to say any more: I can feel her disapproval already! But I don’t want her to be mad at me, or decide I’m not worth bothering with, so I replied to tell her I’d stayed over at a friend’s. I still don’t have anything back from her so I think she’s still not particularly happy with me skipping my routine. Which I guess is working, because despite feeling a bit rough I’m about to go out for a run anyway.

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