Exhibitionist Diary – Monday October 7th 2019


I still don’t know what to think! This is so confusing!

It was another wet day so I wore my knee-high boots and a skirt down to the knee, which is pretty demure for me nowadays, and a blouse on top. And I had my trusty raincoat over it all: the true friend of all flashers. But I was still feeling very flirty all day and I didn’t care who with: Rachel, Ha, Jo, Matthew, and even some of the older accountants.

Then when it came to home time I went off to the bathroom and got out of my skirt and blouse and put my coat back on and felt as horny as hell straight away. I was also terrified thinking who I might bump into on the way out of the office, but luckily I got out without anyone seeing me. Somehow it’s okay walking around nude beneath a raincoat when there are only strangers around but I think I’d have turned bright red if anyone from the office had seen me.

But I made it to Mel’s, and it was still raining, and buzzed on the door and she opened it from her intercom and I made my way upstairs. The past two weeks she’s been waiting for me but this time it was closed.

My heart was pounding, and in the middle of the corridor, where four other flats open out to, and the stairs, and the lift, I quickly unbuttoned my coat, slipped it off my shoulders and, in nothing but knee-high boots, I knocked on Mel’s door.

The wait seemed interminable and I’m sure she was slow on purpose. Still, nobody came out of any of the other apartments, and Mel opened the door and looked me up and down and said “Glad you made it okay,” not even mentioning the bizarreness of a naked woman (in boots) knocking on her door.

I was feeling head-to-toe sexy as my heels echoed on the floor, but then she told me I had to take my boots off, which I discovered I couldn’t really do in any kind of elegant way. I was also about an inch and a half shorter now, and Mel’s a lot taller than me and I suddenly felt very small.

But from there we went straight into the Pilates work-out! I don’t know what I was expecting, but I went from turned on to tired out within the space of the hour, and that despite Mel’s hands touching my body to correct me here, put me into position there; tuck my backside; rotate my pelvis; don’t arch my back. She’s a hard task-master, and maybe this is what a dominatrix really is and she was having a lot of fun. And I have to admit, despite the work, I was loving it too. But I was really just wondering what was coming next.

And the answer? Not much. Mel said she had some client work to do and thanks for coming over but unfortunately she had to get on with it. I thanked her for the session and was about to grab my coat when Mel took it off the hook and opened the door for me. She smiled, but I knew what this was about: she was reminding me of the new rule, that I could only wear shoes in her apartment. It had seemed fun to get undressed in the hallway but the idea of stepping out there in the nude was much scarier.

Still, she watched as I pulled my boots on, which was slightly more elegant than when I took them off, and I cautiously stepped past her into the hallway.

I stood on one side of the threshold, naked, while she was on the other, and she asked if she’d see me at the park run on Saturday. I said I thought so, and she was about to shut the door before I reminded her she had my coat over her arm. She handed it over and the door was closed before I even had a chance to put it on.

The thing is, even though it was an anti-climax, I’m even more turned on now and I just hope last week wasn’t a one-off.

Anyway, I made it home okay, got out of my boots and coat in my own hallway and had a nice naked evening to myself (with the heating turned up, because it was cold out!).

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