Exhibitionist Diary – Saturday 28th September 2019


What an eventful day!

It started with the 9am park run, where I lumbered along, sweaty and sluggish, seeing Mel in the distance glide effortlessly over the grass. But my time improved at least. She suggested we could go for a coffee afterwards but a) after a run I’m in such a state that all I’d be able to think of was how bad I looked beside her and b) I was on a schedule as I was meeting Ellie. She seemed a little bit taken aback and I couldn’t tell if she was hoping to an invite, but I feel like I need to get to know Ellie a little better myself first.

While I was in the shower I was trying to work out how to work out whether Ellie was into this whole naked thing the same way I was, and then this silly idea came to me that I knew I had to go through with and I couldn’t stop giggling when I thought of it: I’d just see how she reacted if I wore nothing whatsoever!

Although of course I couldn’t quite wear nothing whatsoever, but ankle boots and my medium-length raincoat were the closest I could manage and still be decent from a distance.

The forecast was showers so the raincoat made sense, and when I met Ellie outside the café she looked remarkably similar, except I could see a skirt just below the coat, and she didn’t have it buttoned up the same amount as I did as she had a top on underneath.

I was feeling a bit naughty by then and we exchanged a kiss on the cheek each before we went inside. She put her coat on the back of the chair but, funnily enough, I kept mine on. There was a definite strip of bare skin down the front of my chest, though, and I know the waiter saw it so Ellie must have done. I so wanted to say something, but I also wanted to see if she’d work it out, or if there was going to be the right moment to reveal my secret (and maybe some more, if I got the chance!).

But we sat and ate lunch, and it’s not that comfortable eating in a coat but needs must, and I couldn’t help but quiz her about various things, like boyfriends (not had one for a while); girlfriends (never); what was work like (okay); what was the dress code like (quite flexible); what was her boss like (okay, but a bit of a task-master). But I still couldn’t get to what I really wanted to get to, which was to ask her about her about the crazy little exhibitionist streak I thought I’d seen.

After lunch we headed to the gallery and Ellie suggested heading to the cloakroom and dropping our coats off. I’m still not sure whether she suspected or not, but all I said was “do you think they’d mind a nude woman walking around their gallery?” and her eyes popped. She asked me if that meant I wasn’t wearing anything underneath and I grinned and nodded and she just shook her head. I said it would make the Mary Quant exhibition more fun, except we probably wouldn’t make it past the front door. She agreed and said I was crazy, and then I suggested maybe she could be crazy too.

I could tell by the way she laughed that she was tempted, but she said she wasn’t as mad as I was. I said she can keep our coats on, and she could keep her underwear on, and she said “What if I’m not wearing any?” and that brought a smile to my lips.

But I think I might have found a button to push, because as soon as I said “go on, I dare you” it was like I’d poked her with a stick. She said I couldn’t dare her to do something unless she could dare me, and I said sure, go ahead, do your worst, and I was half-hoping it would be something really outrageous, but she couldn’t think of anything. Or perhaps she could only think of one thing (actually going nude) and that was too far given we were in a museum.

So I said she could save it and dare me some other time, and I could see she liked the look of that, and it made me very happy that instead of heading to the cloakroom she headed to the bathroom.

When she came back she didn’t look all that different, to be honest, except for no hem of her skirt showing beneath her coat and that was itself buttoned up a little more tightly. But I told her I didn’t believe she was wearing nothing underneath and she had to show me, and she undid a couple of buttons and flashed half a boob at me. I joked she could still be wearing something on the bottom half and she said no way was she showing me anything else.

But off we went into the exhibition: two women wearing nothing but shoes and coats. It was immediately funny as they had to search our bags and probably wondered why Ellie had a skirt and top in there, but I guess they’re told not to ask questions!

Looking at high fashion when you’re also highly aroused is very much fun, though, and even Ellie seemed to have more of a spring in her step. As I stood beside her even if we weren’t actually touching I could feel the electricity between us. It was the best exhibition I’ve ever been to, entirely for that reason.

I was disappointed when Ellie said she had to go home afterwards, though, as she was meeting some friends tonight. I was hoping she’d come back to mine, or I’d go back to hers, and maybe she’d actually get naked. I dared her to meet her friends like she was now and she told me I was only allowed one dare per day.

Anyway, we had a hug and parted ways, and I found myself grinning all the way home and I hope Ellie was doing the same.

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