Exhibitionist Diary – Monday 23rd September 2019


Well things certainly took a turn today, and for the better!

The wind and rain came down like you wouldn’t believe it, and my umbrella barely survived the journey to work. It turns out knee-high boots have uses other than just making the wearer feel sexy because all the guys had soaked trouser legs! It was a bit cooler too and for some reason I was feeling a bit frisky this morning so I put some stockings on and a short skirt. I’d forgotten how good that combo feels when you have nothing on underneath, and a white blouse completed the look.

Then I got a message from Mel saying she could make running this evening, but given the weather it was understandable if I didn’t fancy it. I most definitely did not fancy it, but she suggested I drop by her place on the way back to mine and we could talk training plans! Which sounded pretty intense.

I got to hers soon after six o’clock and was kind of surprised to see she lived in a new block. I rang her buzzer and she told me to come up to the seventh floor, and then she let me into her very modern and very stylish apartment. It had wooden floors, white walls and full-height floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors out onto a small balcony, and great views out. It occurred to me it would be a great place to hang out naked because from a distance people might be able to see in once it got dark and the lights were on, but there weren’t any immediate neighbours.

Anyway, we got talking about how Mel was going to help me to achieve my goals. I didn’t realise that she used to be a fitness coach but she now worked as a life coach. She said she was good at getting people to do things that were in their best interest when it came to exercise, so it had seemed natural to turn that to everything else in life, right from work and career to friendships and relationships. She said we’d work on my fitness first and then she’d get to the rest of my life later, which sounded funny!

We got talking about the running, though, and she said that it wasn’t so much my heart and lungs or my legs that were the problem but my core strength and I needed to work that more and just keep running at a moderate pace and let the fitness come naturally.

I told her about the Pilates and about doing roll-downs and planks and wotnot, and she said that instead of wasting the time by not running tonight we should do some of that. I was still in my skirt, top and stockings (but my boots were at the front door) and said I couldn’t exactly do Pilates in my work clothes. Then she said that I should just take them off.

I felt kind of sheepish as I had to tell her that I, um, wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and she said she’d kind of guessed, and it didn’t worry her because it’s not like she hadn’t spent plenty of time with me naked by now already. She had a point, but it still felt weird as she sat there and we talked as I rolled my stockings down, unbuttoned my blouse and folded it over the side of the chair, and finally slipped out of my skirt. It was a new place to sit naked, I guess, and as ever with somewhere new my skin was tingling.

Mel left the room for a second and came back with a yoga mat that she laid out on the floor. Mel was in leggings and a tight top and looked every inch the fitness coach and she stood opposite me as I put my bare feet on the mat. Then she led me through the warm-up routine, stretching my arms into the air, bending at the waist and letting my arms hang, and all the time feeling as self-consciously naked as I had felt in a long time. It was even stranger that it barely seemed to bother her.

Then she had me down on my hands and toes in a plank position, and I nearly jumped straight into the air when Mel’s hands touched either side of my hips and rotated them slightly into a better position. She said something about tucking my pelvis in, but all I could think of was that a woman’s fingers were on my bare skin.

But then it was like it was open season on my body. I was standing in a squat position with knees apart and feeling intensely vulnerable with my arms straight out sideways, and again Mel’s hands touched the bottom of my spine and my stomach and nudged me into position. Or rather, I flinched into position because after a few weeks without sex I was extremely sensitive.

I couldn’t get over how at ease Mel seemed to be with me moving from one naked pose to another in the middle of her flat, especially considering how difficult it had been to read her when we first met. Perhaps it was the case that nothing fazed her.

Mel put me through some cool-down stretches, and then we sat and talked about what to do next, while I sat there naked and Mel got me some water. If she noticed my body it never showed. But she did say that it was so much easier to see which muscles were working and which muscles weren’t when there were no clothes to get in the way. In fact, she said, rather than running together on a Tuesday, we should do some more sessions just like this one every Monday evening.

I felt strangely disappointed when it was time to get dressed and come home again, but the memory was fresh enough that masturbating came easily, and then dinner afterwards, because all that erotic exercise had made me hungry.

I can’t wait until next Monday now, and I’m not one-hundred percent sure if Mel means me to do it naked again but, whoops, I might accidentally forget my gear anyway.

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