Exhibitionist Diary – Tuesday 17th September 2019


I had a dream about doing the park run naked last night. It was so weird, and at the start everyone was asking me why I wasn’t wearing leggings, and I only had a pair of trainers on, and I said I preferred it this way. Mel was there and in the middle of the group she gave me a big hug and the stimulation from my bare skin on her running gear was so much I almost came, and I was starting to get embarrassed and I wanted to get running so I could finish and head home. But they said we were running a different course today and we had to get on a coach and I was sat next to Mel, and it seemed we were being driven way out of town and I was thinking that maybe I would have preferred to have some clothes with me but it was too late now.

As we were riding along in the coach Mel put her hand on my thigh, and that was it: I guess hormones and lack of sex pushed me over the edge very quickly, and I almost came in my sleep. It woke me up and there was only one thing to do, obviously.

It was the first thing in my mind when I met Mel at the park this evening and she even made a joke about not knowing from one moment to the next whether I’m going to turn up clothed or not. Actually, I can’t imagine even trying to run naked: sports bras exist for a reason.

Mel took it a bit easier on me to start with tonight, but then the hard efforts were really hard, and while she was springing along beside me giving encouragement I was turning myself inside-out so I didn’t look like a complete flake. So of course by the end of it I was soaked in sweat again and Mel looked like she had barely lifted from walking pace.

But apparently I’ve already improved. Could have fooled me!

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