Exhibitionist Diary – Sunday 1st September 2019


September already! Not long before we’ll start seeing Christmas junk up in the shops.

I went out for a longer run this morning. I’ve been keeping it up a bit these past few months, but with Kieran staying over a lot, or me around there, I’ve not even been doing it every month. I can feel the little roll around my midriff is starting to come back so I need to put an end to that if I’m going to find myself a new boyfriend! Or maybe I should just not care and they can either take me or leave me as I am… yeah, like men are really that discerning.

It’s weird that I’d like someone who’s happy being around me while I’m naked a lot, but I get the feeling that I can’t really come straight out with that or I’m very likely to end up with the wrong type.

Maybe I should take a leaf out of Jo’s book and start looking for my first cat. She’s only, what, fifteen years older than me? If I start my collection now I could have a dozen by the time I’m her age.

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