Exhibitionist Diary – Thursday 22nd August 2019


I had a meeting today with Jo in her office, and she said that if I was having a hard time at all then I could take a few days to myself. I said I didn’t need to, but ended up weeping a bit in her office while I told her about it. It was when I told her that it was most definitely over, no going back, that just brought it all out.

She said I’d been really kind to her when her partner had split and she wanted to repay it, and even more if possible. And then she said if I wanted to talk outside of work then I should let her know, or even if I just wanted to get drunk and forget about it we could do that. What is it with everyone thinking the first thing I’m going to do is drink my problems away, eh? Ah yes: they all know me too well :).

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